We've put together a glossary of terms you might come across while dealing with the the passing of a loved one. 


Probate is granted where there is a valid will and an executor named in the will is applying. Probate is the Supreme Court’s recognition that a will is legally valid, which authorises the executor to deal with the estate of the deceased person.

Letters of Administration

Letters of Administration evidence the fact that the court has examined the relevant documents and is satisfied that the person named in the grant is authorised to administer the estate.

Next of Kin

The deceased person’s closest living relative. Typically, this is a spouse or de facto, adult child or parent.


An executor is a person named in a will who is responsible for carrying out the instructions of the will and managing a deceased person’s Estate.


An administrator is a person who is authorised by the court to administer a deceased person’s Estate when the deceased person dies without a will.


An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court. An affidavit lodged in support of an application for a grant of Letters of Administration is required to provide evidence that a person is seeking to be named Administrator of deceased person’s Estate.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are regular payments from a debit or credit card where a person has given their debit or credit card details (card number, expiry date and security code) to a service provider or merchant to charge the person’s credit or debit card on a recurring basis to pay for goods or services provided. For example, gym memberships or utility or telephone bills.

Direct debit

A direct debit is a regular payment from a deposit account where a person has given their BSB and account number to allow a merchant or service provider to regularly debit a person’s account to pay for services provided. For example, utility or telephone bills or loan repayments.

Direct credit

A direct credit is an electronic transfer of funds. The payment is initiated by the payer, which sends funds directly into the bank account of the payee.

Deposit account

A deposit account is a savings account or transaction account. Deposit accounts provided by ME are the Everyday Transaction Account, InterestME Savings Account, Online Savings Account and Term Deposit.


An Estate refers to the deceased customer assets. An Executor or Administrator is required to manage a deceased person’s Estate. This includes looking after all property and bank accounts held in the name of deceased as well as paying out all debts owed by the deceased out of the assets of the Estate.

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