Wondering how to go about paying off your credit card? There are four different ways to pay your monthly bill (or even pay off credit card debt early, if you’re so inclined).

Direct debit 

The quickest and easiest way to pay off credit card debt is with a monthly direct debit. Choose whether to pay the monthly minimum, a percentage of your total or a set amount. Then, on your due date each month your payment will automatically happen. 

To set up a direct debit just download and fill out the Credit Card Direct Debit Request form, then send it to us by email, fax or post. 


You can use BPAY to pay your credit card bill using internet banking. You’ll just need our biller code (464347) and your customer reference number, shown on the top-right of your statement’s front page. You will have to wait for your first statement before you'll be able to make your a BPAY payment.

Internet Banking 

You can use internet banking to transfer money from any ME account into your credit card account – it’s just like making a regular transfer.

You can find your minimum repayment and due date in the 'details' section of the mobile app and internet banking, when you are viewing your credit card account.


Head into any Australia Post outlet that has the Bank@Post service to pay your bill using cash or a cheque. If you’re paying by cheque, it needs to be in the primary cardholder’s name.

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