1 - Never let anyone else use your account.

Not even a friend or partner. Giving other people, no matter how trusted, access to your account puts you at risk of having your money stolen, or worse, having your account used for illegal purposes. Worst case scenario, you risk being charged with a criminal offence if someone uses your account for illegal purposes.

2 - Check your account regularly.

Keeping tabs on your account regularly via internet or mobile banking lets you catch any suspicious activity sooner rather than later. Always check your bank statements when they arrive to be sure every transaction looks familiar. Report any suspicious transactions immediately on 13 15 63. Unless you need paper statements, opt for online statements – it means less information for someone to steal. 

3 - Memorise your account details.

The safest way to store your customer ID, access code and password is to memorise them. If you have to write them down, record each detail separately so they can’t be stolen together, and aim to store your account details in secure places like a physical safe.

4 - Guard your account details.

Your account details are the gateway to your money, so never let anyone see or overhear your customer ID, access code or password when you’re using internet or phone banking. If you think someone may have seen or overheard your access code or password, change the code and password in private as soon as possible.

5 - Delete old data.

All information about your account is valuable to thieves, so destroy any personal information you no longer need. Don’t just throw old bills, bank statements and personal records away – take a moment to burn, shred or cut up the paperwork. The extra time taken will help protect your bank account.

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