An ATO can only be provided on the following account types: Home loans, ME Personal Loan, InterestME Savings Account and the Everyday Transaction Account, Online Savings Account, and Term Deposit.

In order to authorise someone else to make enquiries or operate your account, we'll need the account holder and the person you'd like to authorise to complete an Authority to Operate (ATO) form. The ATO form is only available on request. If you would like the form sent to you please let us know, we can either email or post this form to you.

Once completed, please post the form back to ME at:
Post Origination Department
Reply Paid
GPO Box 1345
Melbourne VIC 8060

Please note that faxed or emailed copies can't be accepted, we'll need the original.
If the authorised party isn't an existing ME account holder, they'll also need to complete an Identification Verification form OR an Australia Post Identity Verification form.

Once we receive the form and the ID documents (if applicable), our admin team will add the authorised person to be able to access the account. They'll be able to do so until the ATO is cancelled by the account holder. Until the ATO is cancelled, the authorised person will be able to conduct a number of transactions on the account(s) specified.

Transactions include:

  • Deposits

  • Withdrawals

  • Make enquiries

  • Update account holders details e.g. address & phone numbers

  • Statement requests

  • Registration for access to internet and phone banking

  • Increasing the 'Pay Anyone' limit

  • Authorise a split/fix on home loans (except for Ultimate/Money Manager V1).

Please note:
  • If you are requesting an authority to operate on an Ultimate Offset Home Loan Version 2 we are not permitted to issue a keycard to the ATO.

  • The ATO will receive a Debit Mastercard® if authority is offered on the Everyday Transaction Account.

  • An ATO cannot be provided on the following types of accounts: ME credit card products or Ultimate Offset Account (Version 1)

ATO's can

  • Make deposits

  • Make withdrawals (including withdrawals from home loans)

  • Make enquiries

  • Update account holders details e.g. address and phone numbers

  • Request a statement

  • Gain access to internet banking in your own name (not the account holder's internet banking details)

  • Request to lock or cancel access to internet banking

  • Update the 'Pay Anyone' limit

  • Change maturity instructions for Term Deposits (reinvestment instructions only; all other maturity instructions must come from account holder)

  • Request changes to Home and Personal Loan direct debit details, including nominated account, amount, date and frequency (nominated accounts must always be in the name of the account holder)

  • Enquire about Term Deposit balance, term, interest rate and maturity date

  • Sign a direct credit request form

  • Request/purchase a Bank Cheque (from the Everyday Transaction Account or InterestME Savings Account)

ATO's can't

  • Perform any of the above actions on a credit card account

  • Open or close an account

  • Order a card, either in the name of the authorised signatory or account holder(s). Unless it's for an ETA, as an authorised signatory, you'll able to order a card in your name only

  • Discharge a security property

  • Appoint another person to operate on the account(s) of the customer

  • Alter rights of the customer or third person(s) to operate on the account(s) of the customer

  • Modify or gain access to the account holder's internet banking details

  • Deposit a cheque made payable to yourself into an account in the account holder's name nor endorse such a cheque

  • Receive any correspondence in your own name relating to the account(s) you have authority for. (Authorised signatories can request to have correspondence re-directed to their mailing address which remains in the name of the account holder(s)).

  • Obtain a Copy of Loan Contracts

  • Authorise/request a split/fix on Home Loans.

  • Authorise/request a switch, loan extension or top-up on loans.

  • Change maturity instructions for term Deposits (unless it's reinvestment instructions only).

  • Update nominated accounts for Term Deposits.

  • Request a copy of a Letter of Variation sent to the customer

  • Add or Remove an Offset Account to a Home Loan

  • Request/Purchase a bank cheque from home loan

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