If you’re heading overseas, you’ll find your ME cards can be used in most places across the globe.

As long as your card has the Mastercard logo in the bottom-right corner, you can use it anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Let us know before you go

Before you hop on that plane, make sure you let ME know about your travel plans.

We’ve got a dedicated fraud team that monitors suspicious transactions, and without a heads up they could misinterpret your lavish holiday spending, and put a stop on your card.
Let us know the dates you’ll be travelling and the countries you’re planning to visit by sending us a secure mail using internet banking.

Updating older cards

If you’ve got a InterestME or Ultimate Offset Account with an older card (where the card number starts with ‘5048’) you’ll need to get it updated before you can use it overseas. Get in touch on 13 15 63 and we’ll get you a new one sent out. 


The fees and charges for using your ME card overseas are here:

ATM fees

It’s worth keeping in mind that any time you use an ATM overseas you might get hit with a usage fee. These are charged by the ATM owner and are out of our hands, but you’ll usually get a warning that you’re going to be charged.

Making purchases

International transaction fee – 1.5%
Whenever you buy something in a foreign currency, you’ll be charged 1.5% of the purchase price. (If you pay in Australian dollars, this fee won’t apply.)
Mastercard cross-border fee – 0.8%
Any time you buy from a seller whose account isn’t held in Australia, you’ll be charged 0.8% of the purchase price.

Currency conversion
ME uses the Mastercard daily currency conversion rates

Withdrawing cash

$4 per withdrawal (plus any fee charged by the ATM).
International transaction fee – 1.5%
When you withdraw cash in a foreign currency, you’ll be charged 1.5% of the amount you take out.
Mastercard cross-border fee – 0.8%
Any time you make a withdrawal from an overseas ATM, you’ll be charged 0.8% of the cash withdrawal price.

Cash advance fee (credit cards only)
$4 or 2% of the cash withdrawn (whichever is greater)

Checking balances

ME doesn’t charge a fee to check your balance at any ATM – but keep in mind there may be a fee charged by the ATM operator.

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