A ‘cash advance’ is when you use your credit card to receive actual money – for instance, by using your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM, or transferring your credit balance into another account using internet banking.

You can get a credit card cash advance  from your card whenever you need to, but it pays to be aware of the costs involved.

No interest-free period

There’s no interest-free period when you take cash from your credit card – the cash advance interest rate  applies from the moment the transaction goes through.


Cash advance fees  with ME are $4 or 2% of the total amount for each advance, whichever is higher.


There is a $2000 daily limit on cash advance withdrawals from ATMs or Bank@Post outlets, with no more than five withdrawals allowed per day. If you’re transferring money using internet banking, you can transfer as much as you want, up to your available credit limit.

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