Wondering how to get your cash out of your account and into your hot little hands? Choose your account type to find out. Remember, there’s a limit of $2000 per day, per card.

Everyday Transaction Account

You can use your Debit Mastercard® to withdraw cash for free from:

  • over 2,100 atmx by Armaguard ATMs, our preferred ATM network,
  • all BOQ Branch ATMs, and
  • the major four banks’ ATMs in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ANZ, Westpac).

If you’ve got a Buck card you can use any ATM in Australia, safe in the knowledge that if you’re charged an ATM fee, we’ll reimburse you the fee within 30 days.
Some sellers give you the option of withdrawing cash whenever you make a purchase using your debit card. Just ask for cash out, select ‘savings’ and put in your PIN – you’ll get your cash on the spot, totally fee-free.
Note that you can’t get cash out if you make a tap & go purchase.
You can withdraw cash from any Australia Post outlet showing the Bank@Post symbol – all you need is your debit card and your PIN. There’s a limit of $2000 per day, per card.

Find your nearest Australia Post outlet

Online Savings Account

Savings accounts are dedicated to one purpose: saving. They don’t have the flexibility and payment options that a transaction account does, and they can’t be used to directly pay bills or withdraw cash from.
If you’re looking to get cash from your Online Savings Account, first you’ll need to transfer the money to the account you’ve nominated as linked to your savings account (which might be a ME account or an account with another bank). Once the money arrives in your linked account, you can withdraw the cash from there.

Credit cards

If you need to, you can get a cash advance from your credit card by withdrawing cash at an ATM, but there are fees involved – find out more here.
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