Looking for clever ways to save money beyond stashing it under the mattress?

ME has all the money saving tips that are more reliable than a winning lotto ticket.  

Here you’ll find free videos, tips and other resources to help you reach your savings goal faster. 

We’ve got all the ways to save money:

  • Forming good money habits
  • Saving for the future

ME’s savings tips 

Set yourself up for life by learning how to save with our short video course.

ME’s savings tips 

Set yourself up for life by learning how to save with our short video course.

Good money habits.

Good money habits.

Forming good money habits is essential in creating a strong savings profile. Learn how to develop money habits to take your savings to the next level. 

Continue reading on creating good money habits.

The magic of mindful spending.

Cultivating mindfulness when it comes to your finances is a skill that can be learned.

Start to practise mindful spending.

Save for an emergency fund.

Learn savings strategies that’ll help you plan for the unplanned. 

How to save for an emergency fund.

Save using a term deposit.

If you prefer certainty and guaranteed growth, opening a term deposit could be for you.

Learn more about Term deposits.

Save yourself.

Need flexibility or fixed savings? Find an account that suits your needs.

SaveME Savings Account.

Get fat bonus interest with ME’s big savings account combo.

Learn more about SaveME

HomeME Savings Account.

Designed to help you save for a home deposit.

Learn more about HomeME

Term Deposit.

Bet on a sure thing – get guaranteed returns with a ME term deposit.

Learn more about Term Deposits


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