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No set up fees, no monthly fees – no fees at all.

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Interest is paid out at the start of each month, giving you the cash flow you need.

Government Guarantee.

Deposits of up to $250,000 are protected by a guarantee from the Australian government.

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Make sure you’ve got all the paperwork you need for your online business savings account application. The checklist is part of the form.

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The legal stuff.

The legal stuff.

Business Online Savings Account terms and conditions
Fees and charges guide
Interest rates are current at 18-Jun-2019 and are subject to change. 
The Business Online Savings Account is not a transaction account. You can only withdraw money from your Business Online Savings Account by transferring it first to your linked nominated account that you hold at another bank.
Your total deposits with Members Equity Bank Limited (ME) up to $250,000 are guaranteed under the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme.
Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.
This is general information only and you should consider if these products are appropriate for you.