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DIY pros and cons.

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Plans and permits.

Get across the survey data and planning permits you’ll need before you start.

Plan it out


Get a feel for what your home renovation might cost. These estimates come courtesy of

Bathroom - $12,000

Update those 70s tiles with a quick little bathroom renovation – it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Kitchen - $16,000

There’s nothing like a kitchen renovation to really open up your home at a reasonable cost.

Adding a room - $24,000

Looking to accommodate a growing family? You can add a room to your house for a smaller cost than you might think.

Painting exterior - $24,000

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior? It’s might be an inexpensive way to lift the look of your property.

Painting interior - $12,000

The extra cost to paint a house interior professionally can be worth it for the boost it gives your home.

Flooring - $15,000

Whether it’s floor installation, carpet replacement or floor sanding and staining, a bit of groundwork can give your home a whole new look.


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