If you need to close your credit card account, you can either send a request using internet banking or call us on 13 15 63.

In internet banking, either click “close my credit card account” under the accounts menu.

Before making the request to close your account, log into internet banking and transfer the remaining owing balance onto your credit card. Remember that the balance on internet banking won’t show any pending transactions or interest owing that has not been charged to the account yet.

Please note that only the primary cardholder can request closure of the account.

What happens once your request is processed?

  • The cards become inactive, so you can’t spend any more on this account.
  • ​You will no longer see your credit card account on internet banking, but you will continue to receive statements until the balance is $0.
  • The total balance owing on the credit card must be settled before the account is fully closed. To find the amount you need to pay to settle the account look at your credit card statements or call us on 13 15 63. This balance can be affected by pending transactions or interest owing. You can pay this amount via BPAY using the details from your latest statement.

Don’t forget to change over any direct debits made from this card to another.

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