You’ve got different accounts for different things – it’s only right that their name reflects that. You can give each account a nickname to make sense of your banking at a glance – from the simple, such as ‘Bills’, ‘Rent’, ‘Groceries’, to the super specific - ‘Vegas trip’, ‘Beyoncé meet & greet’ or ‘Retire by 39’.

You’ll see your nickname on your account tile in the app and internet banking. And if you change your mind or switch goals, you can change your account’s nickname anytime (in case ‘Brisvegas’, ‘Lemonade DVD’ and ‘Retire by 78’ start seeming more realistic).

Mobile app

  1. Log in to the app.

  2. From the home screen, tap the account you wish to rename.

  3. Tap the  icon and select ‘Account details’.

  4. Select the   icon and enter your nickname.

Internet banking

  1. Log in to internet banking.

  2. Click ‘accounts’ in the top menu, and choose ‘view accounts’.

  3. Click the arrow icon  symbol that’s in line with the account you want to rename, then choose ‘rename account’ from the drop-down menu.

Enter your new account name and click ‘rename’. (Alternatively, click ‘reset’ if you want to change your account back to its default name.)
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