We make it easy to share the love. You can add up to eight extra cardholders to your credit card account; the only restriction is that each cardholder has to be at least 16 years old.

Just complete the Frank additional cardholder form for your credit card and send it back by mail or fax.

Download Frank additional cardholder form 

If you have a ME Mastercard and want to add an additional cardholder you'll need to complete an additional cardholder form and send it back by mail or fax.

Download ME Mastercard additional cardholder form

We might need to ask the new cardholders for some identification before we approve them for a card; we’ll be in touch if there’s anything we need.

Your responsibilities

It’s important to know that the main cardholder remains responsible for paying off all the purchases made on the card – no matter who made them. 

What can extra cardholders do?

  • Make purchases and transactions

  • See the credit card balance

  • See the transactions they’ve made (but not those that any other cardholders have)

  • Dispute transactions on their card

  • Report their card lost, stolen or damaged and order a replacement card

  • Obtain information on transactions made on the card account by you or other additional cardholders including the card account balance and credit limit

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