What we're working on now.

Mobile app.

The available amount will be visible again when choosing a transfer amount in the latest version, making it easier to know how much to move between accounts.


Soon you'll be able to set up a PayID using the mobile app. The speediest way to receive your $$$. 

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Daily payment limit.

You've got big bucks and you need to move 'em. We're working to make that smooth and paperless.


We run a tight ship at ME – here’s how we keep your accounts safe online.

On watch.

We’re always monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity – if something seems off, we’ll block your account right away and get in touch.

Account security

Keeping you safe.

Too many login attempts on your internet banking or mobile app account will lock it – keeping your accounts safe from fraudsters.

Online defence

Security codes.

Using internet banking to do things like make a new payment requires a security code, which is sent to your phone by text message.

Two-step verification
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