We might not have branches – but we’ve got a whole multitude of ways for you to get your cash into your ME accounts.

Everyday Transaction Accounts

Salary payments

Set things up so your work pays your salary directly into your ME account. All you need to do is let your employer know your BSB and account number, and let the magic happen.

Online transfers
You can send money to your account from any bank account in Australia – all you need is your BSB and account number. Transfers made from one ME account to another will land instantly, while money sent from a non-ME bank might take a couple of days to land. Please note that you can only move money to and from Australian bank accounts.
You can deposit cash at any post office displaying the Bank@Post symbol. Just take your card and PIN along to your nearest branch – which you can find here.

Cheques can be deposited at any Bank@Post branch, as long as they’re in one name only and the name on the cheque matches the name on your ME debit card.

If you have a joint account, make sure the cheque is made out to only one of the names on the account, as Australia Post won’t accept cheques made out to two names.

Find your nearest Australia Post outlet

Automatic payments
You can set up regular payments from any bank account by completing a direct debit form and returning it by email (using the details on the top-right of the form).

Credit card accounts

There are plenty of options for paying money into your ME credit card account.

Home loan accounts

Here's how you can make extra payments into most ME home loan accounts.

Personal loan accounts

Here's how to make payments into your ME personal loan accounts.

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