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What is PayID.

What is PayID.

PayID allows you to use your mobile number or email address as your ID to receive instant payments.

No more remembering BSB and account numbers – simply quote your PayID to receive instant payments.

Why switch on Pay ID?


Receive payments using your mobile number or email address, once you’ve linked them to your ME account.


Using your PayID, you can now receive payments fast, in real time, 24/7. 


PayID uses information your contacts already have access to, making it simple for you to share with others.

Who can use PayID?

Who can use PayID?
Account Send Receive
SpendME Transaction Account tick tick
SaveME Savings Account cross tick
HomeME Savings Account cross tick
Everyday Transaction offset account cross tick
Online Savings Account cross tick
Business Online Savings Account cross tick
InterestME Savings Account cross tick

You can link your PayID to one of these accounts to receive fast payments from participating financial institutions. (Note - not all financial institutions currently support these fast payments.)

ME customers are currently unable to receive PayID payments from financial institutions that use OSKO-only payments. In this instance, ME customers can instead be paid via their BSB and account number.

ME Go app

 Set up PayID for ME Go app accounts.

1. Open the ME Go app.
2. Tap the 'Profile' screen from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select ‘Manage your PayID’ from the menu.
4. Select the PayID that you would like to link.

ME bank app

 Set up PayID for Classic ME Bank app accounts.

1. Log into Internet banking.
2. Select the 'Pay and transfer' tab.
3. Choose 'PayID' settings.
4. Select the mobile number or email address you would like to link as a PayID.
5. Select the account you would receive money into. 

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