No branches? No problem – there are a whole bunch of ways to get access to your money.

Withdrawing cash

If you’ve got a transaction account with a debit card, such as an Everyday Transaction Account, you can withdraw cash from ATMs, from Australia Post outlets with Bank@Post, or by EFTPOS. You can find more on how here.

Transferring cash

You can use internet banking or the mobile app to move your cash between accounts or send money to non-ME accounts.

Paying bills

You can use BPAY to pay bills directly from your transaction account.


If you’ve got a transaction account with ME, you can ask us to send you a cheque book.

A note on Online Savings Accounts

Note that if you’ve got an Online Savings Account, you can’t withdraw cash from it directly. 

To get cash from your Online Savings Account, you’ll need to transfer money to the transaction account you’ve nominated as linked that that savings account – then you can withdraw the cash from that linked account.

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