the fast switch


Alright, let’s do this. Follow these steps and you should be enjoying your brand new ME account in no time.



open your ME account.

Wait, you haven’t done this yet?

This is the easiest bit: simply open an everyday transaction account – it can take as little as 10 minutes! 

Open an everyday transaction account




change over any direct debits or direct credit payments

You’ll need to change the details for any automatic direct debit or credit payments from your old bank account to your new one with ME.

switching payments form


what do I need to switch?

Here’s a list of some automatic payments that you might need to switch:




Mortgage or loan repayments






Pay TV subscriptions

Music subscriptions


Any regular donations you make to not-for-profits


how do I switch payments?

Once you’ve got your account details – meaning your BSB number and your account number – you’ll need to provide those details to any company that’s making automatic debits or credits into your old account.


You’ll need to contact each of those companies separately and ask them to change the details. In many cases you’ll be able to do that online, or you can always call the companies and ask for help changing those details over.


change your salary payment details

If your salary is being paid into your old bank account, you’ll want to redirect it to your shiny new ME account instead.


Your employer might already have a salary payment change form, but we’ve made a handy, editable form that you can print out and give to your employer. See? Easy.

Salary payment change of details form



close your old account

Once you’ve switched all your automatic payments, you’ll want to close your old bank account so that you don’t get hit with unnecessary fees. 



get on with your life

That’s it. Time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine.