Bank online.

Looking to log in to internet banking? Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

1. Find your customer ID.

Your customer ID was sent to you by email when you first joined ME.
Can’t find it? Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

13 15 63

2. Find your access code.

Your access code was sent to your phone as a text when you first signed up with ME.
If you don’t have your code to hand, you can reset it right now.

Reset access code

3. Log in.

The internet banking link is always at the top-right of all our web pages. Click it now to log in.

Log in to internet banking


Got banking trouble? Find the help you need. Don’t see your issue here? Get more banking help.

Activating your card.

Lost or stolen card.

Transferring funds.

Changing transfer limits.

Suspicious transactions.

Finding your BSB number.

Paying a bill.

Updating your details.

Bank mobile.

With the ME mobile banking app, we’re always as close as your phone.

Apple devices.

To download this app, visit the App Store.

Download from the App Store

Android devices.

To download this app, visit the Google Play store.

Download from Google Play

Bank in person.

Make withdrawals or deposits fee-free at any Australia Post office with the Bank@Post symbol.


Withdraw up to $2000 using Bank@Post – all you need is your card and PIN.

Getting cash


Deposit cheques and cash into your account at any Bank@Post outlet.

Depositing cash and cheques

Credit card bills.

You can pay your ME credit card bills in cash at any Bank@Post outlet.

Paying off your credit card


We run a tight ship at ME – here’s how we keep your accounts safe online.

On watch.

We’re always monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity – if something seems off, we’ll blocks your account right away and get in touch.

Account security

Keeping you safe.

Too many login attempts on your internet banking or mobile app account will lock it – keeping your accounts safe from fraudsters.

Online defence

Security codes.

Using internet banking to do things like make a new payment requires a security code, which is sent to your phone by text message.

Two-step verification