securecode FAQs.

What is MasterCard SecureCode?

It’s a free service that enhances your ME MasterCard, frank Credit Card and Everyday Transaction Account Debit MasterCard by providing an extra layer of security when you shop online at participating merchants. You’ll need to register for SecureCode in order to continue shopping online at these merchants.

Your SecureCode is a password that you create during registration. It’s case-sensitive, needs to be 8–16 characters long, must include alphanumeric characters and contain no spaces.

Using your SecureCode is like using a PIN at an ATM – every time you shop at a participating online merchant, you’ll be asked to enter your SecureCode before making your purchases.

If you need to reset your SecureCode, you can do so using the customer service menus.

Which products are MasterCard® SecureCode available on?

MasterCard Securecode is available on an ME MasterCard, frank Credit Card and Everyday Transaction Account Debit MasterCard.

Do I have to register for MasterCard SecureCode?

If you have an ME MasterCard, frank Credit Card or Everyday Transaction Account Debit MasterCard, you’ll need to register for a SecureCode in order to use the card at participating online merchants.

How does MasterCard SecureCode work?

Once you’re registered for a MasterCard SecureCode, every time you shop at a participating online merchant you’ll see a Personal Message screen that confirms the web page’s authenticity. A MasterCard SecureCode authentication window will then appear, and you’ll be asked to enter your SecureCode, after which you’ll need to answer a Challenge Question.

The system will automatically recognise the username you chose during registration; you won’t need to re-enter it for the life of your card.

How do I register for this service with ME?

You’ll be able to register via the ME website at, or during the next purchase you make at a participating online merchant.

The first time you try to make a purchase at a participating online merchant, a pop-up window will appear that will ask you to register; you’ll need to create your SecureCode in order to finish your transaction.

The registration process is simple: you’ll need to answer six questions to prove your identity, choose a username and SecureCode, and respond to six Challenge Questions.

What is a Personal Message?

The Personal Message is a short message that is sometimes displayed to prove you’re dealing with ME. You’ll see your Personal Message whenever the MasterCard SecureCode authentication window appears.

If you register for SecureCode through our website, you'll be able to make up your own Personal Message. If you register during shopping, you’ll see the default message instead: ‘ME is your bank.’.

Once your SecureCode is registered, you can change your personal message at any time using the customer service menus.

What are Challenge Questions?

Challenge Questions are personal questions that are used to add an extra layer of security to your online shopping.

Your personal set of Challenge Questions is created during SecureCode registration, when you’ll be asked to choose and answer six of 20 available questions.

Whenever you shop at a participating online merchant, one of these questions will randomly appear after you’re asked to enter your SecureCode. You’ll need to answer this question correctly to continue with your purchase.

What if my ME MasterCard, frank Credit Card or EveryDay Transaction Account Debit MasterCard has additional cardholders?

Each eligible card needs its own individual SecureCode. Even if multiple cardholders are using the same account, each cardholder needs to register separately for his or her own SecureCode.

How can I tell if an online merchant uses MasterCard SecureCode?

Most participating online merchants display the MasterCard SecureCode logo. However, there are some that don’t display the logo but still offer this service.

If the ME pop-up window displaying the Personal Message appears during checkout, then you can be sure that the merchant is a MasterCard SecureCode participant.

What happens if I shop at an online merchant that doesn't participate in this service?

You simply make your purchase as normal. The existing security provided by the online merchant will still be in place, but you won’t have the benefit of the extra layer of security provided by the SecureCode service.

What happens to my MasterCard SecureCode information if my card is lost or stolen?

Once you report your card lost or stolen, your MasterCard SecureCode will be cancelled along with your card.

Because your replacement card will have a new card number, you’ll need to re-register for the SecureCode service once you receive the replacement.

What happens to my MasterCard SecureCode information if my card expires?

Your MasterCard SecureCode stays the same. You won’t need to re-register a new card that has the same card number and a new expiry date.

Does the online store see my SecureCode or any of my details?

No. The pop-up window showing your SecureCode and Personal Message is generated by ME, and the online merchant can’t view or access this information.

What happens if I forget my SecureCode?

You’ll need to reset your SecureCode by choosing the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the SecureCode screen, or by calling ME on 13 15 63.

Note that if your SecureCode is entered incorrectly three times your access will be blocked, and you’ll need to re-register for the service, either by selecting the ‘Forgot Password’ link or calling ME on 13 15 63.

Note that even if your SecureCode access is blocked, your card will still be usable at online merchants that don’t use SecureCode, and in person at regular stores.