If you’re facing a short-term cash crunch and think you’re going to miss a payment, you might be eligible to defer your next payment by up to one month.

As long as you’re up-to-date on your payments and able to make up the difference in your next repayment, you can request a single payment deferral and get yourself a little breathing space.

Taking a longer break

If you’ve got a variable-rate loan and you’re already ahead on your repayments, you might be able to take a repayment holiday for up to 12 months.

Deferring your repayment

If it’s five days or more until your next repayment is due, you can ask for a repayment deferral by sending us a message on internet banking.

If it’s less than five days until your next repayment, give us a call on 13 15 63 – just be sure to get in touch before the day payment is due.

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